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Entering, Engaging and Excelling in the South Florida Business Market

Smart international companies are maximizing their success entering the South Florida real estate market by partnering with commercial real estate professionals who understand the local community and can help them overcome obstacles and seize opportunities.

Notably, these commercial real estate professionals are doing much more than helping them complete commercial transactions: they are taking the time to understand their unique business needs and identify spaces that ensure maximum business efficiency and success, while also helping them to connect with key players and organizations that can help advance their business goals.

Indeed, many new-to-market entrants are surprised by the advanced role that commercial real estate professionals play in the United States. For example, in Brazil, commercial real estate professionals are exclusively limited to representing specific spaces. However, in the U.S., these professionals can have unbridled access to any available space in the market. This is an important distinction which brings significant value to new-to-market entrants. Why? Because it creates a highly competitive environment where landlords in the U.S. are more motivated to offer more competitive rates, amenities and benefits to attract tenants to choose their spaces. Therefore, a savvy commercial real estate professional, when working exclusively with an international company, can take a deep dive into his or her clients’ businesses, understand their unique preferences and needs, identify the right locations and roll up his or her sleeves to negotiate the best deals on their behalf.

In this way, the role of a commercial real estate advisor in the U.S, working in an exclusivity capacity, is best described as a “strategic business advisor” rather than a mere “transactional broker.” This means that these professionals engage in significant strategic planning and leverage their creativity, business acumen, negotiation skills and local networks to develop solutions that are custom-tailored to fit their clients’ distinct business objectives. Their cutting-edge, creative work includes everything from space programming (determining each company’s needs for space) and, increasingly, taking into consideration an evolving set of criteria in the New Normal. These include a growing preference for Class A or newly renovated Class B buildings that offer high-quality amenities, open-air terraces, windows that may be opened to allow fresh air to enter, touchless systems, live-work-play environments, high-tech HVAC system and air filtration processes, sustainable and LEED-certified buildings, and fully built-out spec suites which are furnished and move-in ready – as well as access to nearby quality schools, amenities, and transit options.

To ensure success, these commercial real estate professionals are following a thoughtful, strategic process – conducting in-depth market surveys, developing customized Requests for Proposals (RFPs), and negotiating the RFPs on their clients’ behalf, etc. Most importantly, they have a fiduciary relationship with their clients representing them in an exclusivity basis, at no cost. Additionally, they take the time when possible to create synergies for their clients and local community by facilitating mutually beneficial introductions.

Without a doubt, any company entering the U.S. should seek to partner with the right commercial real estate professional who can develop the right strategy to support their business needs. Those who do will position themselves for maximum success.


Luciana Carvalho, MCR Founder and CEO of Carvalho Commercial Real Estate


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